I have spent a life-time fascinated by the natural world. Early interest was encouraged by a childhood spent in rural Oxfordshire and on the Norfolk coast. I have been fortunate enough to have traveled widely throughout the world - from the Himalayas to Antarctica, from India to South America and from North America to  Australasia. I now live in a small village in the Gloucestershire Cotswolds.

I have enjoyed exploring all ecological habitats discovering how intricately the strands of nature have woven the life support systems for a myriad of species. I have also enjoyed the challenge of trying to photograph animals and plants in their natural surroundings really for no better reason than to marvel at their aesthetic beauty. Sometimes I have included a picture whose quality is less than I would wish, but that still conveys the essence of the subject that I was trying to capture. I always hope to do better next time !

I do hope that you have enjoyed looking at some of the images that I have been able to capture.

Thank you for your interest and please see the "contact" page below if you want to send me any comments or questions.

Nigel Gardener

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