Welcome to my Naturepics website.  

This site is designed to show some of the images that I have taken of the natural world - to marvel in the beauty of their form and to encourage all of you to stop and look at the world around us. The main categories are of European species and, in the case of birds, collated broadly by the type of habitat in which they are found. Subsequent categories show species from the regions indicated by their titles e.g. Galapagos Islands or Antarctica.

This world is under great threat from man's ever-increasing exploitation of its natural resources. As the human population increases there is great pressure on the environment and less room for other species to co-exist. The planet's ecosystem is vastly complex with all species inter-dependent upon each other.  Finding room for nature is not only a praiseworthy exercise in itself ... it is vital for the continued existence of the human species. 
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